Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy New Years DoLLs!

Happy New Years! Wow its 2011!...and its been along time since I updated this Blog! Soo Im just gonna say a little because been so busy with both my boys in School now. And oh so loving my time at home alone with my Princess Ava!. Im feeling very positive about this New Year and No more sweatin' the Small Stuff! Family is what matters most to me.....

Monday, February 8, 2010

Keeping up Myself

Well this year and last year too...I worked on a variety of crafts, mainly sewing. I've taken a liking to Felt. Made my sons several Katamari (PS2 Video game) cousin dolls and anything I find cute I just have to copy! I've become quite good at that. Come to think, I guess I'm a good "copier" ha ha. Well.....I go from one craft to another to too many. With my 3 kids one in school the other home and the forever at work husband its hard to find some "ME TIME" some Therapeutic time doing what I enjoy like my crafts. My Cake making has taken a far back burner too. Not into my Cakes like I used to be. I put too much into them for people that would like them to think that $30 or under $50 is okay to pay. Anyway..enough of that. Moving on to more Positive thinking..believing and visualizing the Possibilities and things that can happen if you WILL them TOO!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

for the Love of Annies

So I would like to share with you my love of making Annie's.... Raggedy Annie's that is. As a child my aunt Alice gave me a pair which are about 4 ft tall! I still have them to this day. So it was in 2006 I purchased my first e-pattern online of an Annie. I followed instructions and soon I had my very first Annie ever made! I paid it back and gave it to my AUNT that made my 1st Raggedy Ann & Andy! She was so pleased and happy to see I had taken up sewing and making Annie's just as she did back then, and she still makes them now too! I get several patterns from two women who sell them online 1.) Bowls n Annie's, 2.) Raggedy Ole' Annie's...they are my favorites and their patterns are so easy and if you asked me the Cutest' Annie's to be found! So I've been quite addicted to sewing my Annie's and making them for friends & Family; even sold a few. Being a stay at home mom it helps me to Do something and feel its my own and I take Great Pride in my work and style. Most Annie's I make I custom "design" their theme/outfits for example the one here is a Bumble Bee themed Annie I made for a Wonderful Friend of mines daughter. She was in dance and one of her costumes was a Bumble Bee! I will tell you that I come from a long line of Women that Sew and I remember taking Home Eco in high school and I hated the "pattern part"... I could sew a button and sew up a whole but make something by pattern I had no patience. So I guess you can say Motherhood is...teaching me patience.

We are Family

My little family has grown so much this year. With the addition of Lil' Ava who turned 6 months this passed Dec. 29,'08...My oldest son is 5yrs old and in his first year of Elementary School/Kindergarten, Chris my youngest son is 3yrs old but he acts like a 5yr old with the exception that he will not potty train he prefers to hide under the Train table. So Im very happy to have gotten our little family down to the our local Portrait Innovations and captured Life Long Memories of this Moment in time! The year ending of 2008. We are a family of 5. Wow...just to think it wasnt much to long ago that I shed many a tear and thought I would never be a mommy, or have a Child call me MOMMY!! Persistence and Faith pay off...Have Lots of Faith I always tell those that want kids and can't have them? or shall I say "Havent been able to have them"....Here is my Family...Proof Positive!

Pray for the Right Friends

Don't link up with those who will pollute you.- 1 Corinthians 6:17 (The Message)True friends don't try to control you --- they help you be what God wants you to be. Put your faith in God, and ask Him to give you friends who are truly right for you. Perhaps you never thought of using your faith for right friends, but God offers us a new way to live. He invites us to live by faith. There is no part of your life God is not concerned about, and He wants to be involved in everything you want, need, or do.I cannot make myself acceptable to all people, and neither can you, but we can believe that God will give us favor with the people He wants us to be involved with. Sometimes we try to have relationships with people God does not even want us to be associated with. Some of the people I really worked hard to be friends with in the past, often compromising my own conscience in order to gain their acceptance, were the very ones who rejected me the first time I didn't do exactly as they wanted me to. I realize now I wanted their friendship for wrong reasons. I was insecure and wanted to be friends with the "popular" people, thinking my association with important people would make me important.We should put our faith in the Lord to help us choose right friends, as well as everything else that concerns us

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

And Then There Came Ava!

I guess the most life changing thing that has happened to me this year would be giving birth to yes, Finally a Pretty PINK PRINCESS! My Princessa Ava Rose popped into my life on June 29th, 2008! It was a Saturday night and that morning when I woke up I was no where near knowing she would be out of my tummy by the next morning. She was born prematurely at 32 weeks & 6day, 5lbs 4 oz and 18"long. Ava Rose is named after my mother "Eva" whom has been my BFF for all my life! MY ROCK! MY SAVIOR! Couldnt live with her, Couldnt live without her! haha. I have 2 sons Trae is 5yrs old and just started KINGERGARTEN, the 2nd most Life Changing thing for me this year! and my Christopher, Chrissy, Christie Poo he's 3yrs old, he was born at 35wks and 10lbs! So I swore when he was in my belly, I just knew I had a girl! Well somuch for "mothers intuition" ..he was a HE! I already had my little girls name picked out since then! BUT...alternate plan.
So back to my life being different now ..having a girl. Its so different everyone was right. I cant get enough Pink Things and I cant tell her enough how "Sooooooo Pretty" she is. I cant kiss her enought! I love my boys to death...but now WOW! We have a girl. I can play dress up for real now! You know how many years I have waited for that! ALL MY LIFE MAN! I grew up playing with dolls ! So life is pretty and pink now...I just have to split it half and half w/my Train toting, HOtWHEEL Loving, Dirt Diggin' boys! God has changed things up for me....and GOSH did I tell you how much my hubby has changed! After all now....This is Daddy's Girl!